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Re: IP Addresses

Hello Chris.

First, you have to register your domain IE (www.yoursite.blah)

you then have to configure DNS so yoursite.blah can be seen from the internet

you have to configue sendmail (or whatever MTA you use) to accept incoming connections for www.yoursite.blah( as well as be the smtp server for your domain.

you also have to configure apache to serve web pages for yoursite.blah

last but not least, you have to log into your ADSL router and open ports
25 & 110 for mail and port 80 for HTTP.

for example, forward port 80 requests to (your linux box)

It's not too bad to do,


great doccuments to get the basics set up.

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Chris Marsh wrote:

I have interesting problem which I don't how to look at or solve. I'm sure
it's been addressed somewhere, I just don't know. It probably stems from my
own misunderstanding.

Anyway, I have an ADSL Connection, the Modem handles all this and also acts
as the DHCP server. My PC connect to this via ethernet and have IP addresses
in the range - 138 (the router is Now, I'm setting up
an FC2 box to act as my website and Email server. I want to take over from
the Hosting Company.

Currently, my FC2 Box is connected via the ADSL Modem and has the IP Address My problem is, how do I 'see' this box from the internet?


-- Don Dupy

FC1 - Kernel 2.4.22 - Dell Poweredge 600SC
email: fedora maxxrad net

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