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Re: Any suggestion for good linux books?

El jue, 28-10-2004 a las 19:35, Beartooth escribió:
> On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 20:31:45 +0200, Santiago Cepas wrote:
> > El mié, 27-10-2004 a las 01:38, Mitch Wiedemann escribió:
> >> I was in the bookstore the other day and found a book entitled: "How 
> >> Linux Works".  ...Just the sort of thing I was looking for.
> > I bought that book a month ago, and are thoroughly happy with it. 
> What level of technoidicity does that require? I haven't seen it in a
> store here, and wonder whether it's just what I need, or way over my head ....
I don't think it requires any in-depth knowledge of technical issues.
Sure, you must know how a computer works and how to open a terminal
screen :-)

Although it talks about apparently complex stuff such as shell scripting
or kernel compiling, it does it in a fairly didactical way, with tons of

My advise: go for it!

PS. No, I don't belong to the publishing company staff!

> -- 
> Beartooth Autodidact, curmudgeonly codger learning linux
> Remember I know precious little of what I'm talking about!

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