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Re: Video capturing - Pinnacle

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 14:36:12 -0600, Robin Laing
<robin laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:
> YigalB wrote:
> >>>>>>>"I must keep an XP computer for certain applications"............
> >>>>>
> >>>>>[<Yigal>] I need to capture analog video...........
> >>>>>- I was sure it's obvious. Is there anything I can do now to use
> >
> > [<Yigal>] I don't know firewire that well. With USB it's different - the
> > USB device is recognized by OS when inserted (hot insertion) by the OS -
> > and this can be done by any modern OS. The problem is how to control the
> > flow of the data that goes on that bus: and for that you need the
> > drivers which should interface to the capturing software. In my case,
> > the DVC150 can be use by Pinnacles' Studio software, and they have no
> > intention to deliver Linux software, so I assume I have no choice -
> > unless I will buy FireWire device, and in that case I will need FireWire
> > PCI card, and why not - A DV camera... quite expansive thing in order to
> > work with free of charge OS.
> > BTW - when I plugged the DVC150 to the Linux PC - I got no response at
> > all - with XP I am used to see the OS recognize the hot insertion.
> > Shouldn't FC2 recognize it as well ?
> >
> The point of USB recognition is easier in Window as most of the
> drivers are supplied with Windows.  As most manufactures, Pinnale as
> an example don't support Linux, you have to do some work to get the
> same features.  I don't have much experience with USB but I have been
> able to get plug and recognize with jumpdrives and cameras in FC1.
> All it takes is a simple editing of a configuration file in most cases.
> I suspect that you may have gotten a response but nothing that you
> noticed.  Check your log files to see if the device was recognized and
> as what.  This is the first line to getting any device to work on USB
> in Linux.
> http://www.linux-usb.org/
> It would be nice if xyz manufacturer would support linux out of the
> box but when you have an almost monopoly in power, why spend the time
> to support something else.
> One thing about free as in Linux, it leaves you much more money for
> the better toys.  When I don't have to spend $700 for an office
> program to write letters or do presentations with, I can spend that
> money on a better camera or computer.  If it takes a bit of work to
> get the odd think to function, I have taken the time to learn something.
> I have yet to find any reason to even own a copy of Windows since
> 3.11.  I have a copy of 95 that was on a dual boot machine (Pentium
> 90) but I have no use for that.
> If you want to stay in the Windows World, do so, it is your choice.
> When I purchase hardware, I ensure it will work with Linux.  Same goes
> for software, oh yea, I haven't had to purchase any software yet, even
> for work. :)
> One last thing, I know any file that I create on my Linux box will be
> viewable or usable in Windows.  I cannot say the same for any files
> that are created in Windows will be viewable in Linux or even another
> Windows box.  Look at Windows DRM issues.
> --
> Robin Laing
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I had a dazzle brand usb 8-in-1 card reader for  compact flash, among
other things.  It didnn't work well with FC1 initially.  Then I did
some updating and it eventually worked.  I had a usb printer at the
same time,  but no problems with that.  I don't know what I updated,
but yum fixed it.

[However for a while there I had thought about d/l-ing wine and trying
to run the stupid windoze drivers off of that.  That sounds like going
around the house to get to your elbow however.   Glad I didn't have to
do that.  I would be curious -- has anyone here done anything like
that and if so, is that a viable option?   Sorry for the
digression...e me offlist if you want, thanks, Marc  ]


Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think. 
Ayn Rand

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