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Re: Client upload of files via http


 --- Alexander Dalloz
<alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de> wrote: 
> Am Fr, den 29.10.2004 schrieb Eucke Warren um 0:03:
> > I have a potential customer who is looking to be
> able to upload and download
> > files via his and his clients browsers.  Is this
> something that lftp is
> > suited for....anything else that anyone is using
> that is secure and user
> > friendly?  Thoughts, risks, real world war/horror
> thoughts?  I am assuming
> > that most of the use will be via IE....
> > 
> > -Eucke
> Did you already have a look at WebDAV?
> FTP is insecure and a risk as data and especially
> the login data is
> transfered plainly. As you asked about capability of
> the IE, yes it can
> upload files to an FTP server.
> Alexander

Have you checked out the program cURL?


By default the package is installed on FC
(curl-7.11.1-1 on FC2 and curl-7.10.6-7 on FC1).

This will do pretty much everything you want and
supports secure transfers.


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