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How to set up network interface from scratch - newbie

Hi all,


I just install USB wireless device using ndiswrapper and the interface is wlan0.  I run iwconfig setup (ISSD, key, etc) and wlan0 already recognize my router MAC address.  I try to set up using network config but my device does not show up in the choices.


I have a wireless router that also act as DHCP server.  I have another 2 PCs running win and linux that is wired to this router.  On this particular PC, I dual boot win and Fedora2.  The win partition already connect to the internet using this USB device.  So I want to set up the Linux partition to use DHCP as well in waln0 interface in this machine.


Up to this point I, if I do ifconfig it is only showing lo.  Could ppl please tell me how to setup linux so that it will use wlan0 as my network interface and receive DHCP info from my router?


TIA for your info.

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