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RE: IP Addresses

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> On Thu, October 28, 2004 12:54, Chris Marsh said:
> >> Now, I'm setting
> >> up
> >> an FC2 box to act as my website and Email server. I want 
> to take over
> >> from the Hosting Company.
> >>
> >> Currently, my FC2 Box is connected via the ADSL Modem and 
> has the IP
> >> Address My problem is, how do I 'see' this box from the 
> >> internet?
> > You need to change the settings of your router to foward certain 
> > ports. e.g. for your web server, the router has to forward 
> port 80 to 
> >
> You need to be sure that the FC2 box always gets the same 
> private address. In your present system, after a power 
> failure, you might have the FC2 box at, say,  One 
> way is to manually assign FC2 a static IP, e.g., 
> that is outside of the range handed out by DHCP.  Or, if your 
> modem/router supports static DHCP, set it so that the NIC of 
> your FC2 (identified by its MAC address) always gets the same IP.
> You also need to make www.ausmarsh.com point to your public 
> IP address. If your public IP is static, and you will be 
> keeping an account with Hosting Shop, just have them change 
> the DNS entry.  If you will no longer be dealing with H.S., 
> you could have your registrar or a third party provide DNS 
> for ausmarsh.com, or you could run your own DNS on FC2.
> If your IP is dynamic, you can use dyndns.org or a similar 
> service. Running an email server from a dynamic IP is not 
> generally recommended.
> --Stewart
> ATM, My IP is dynamic. I don't have with DNS Changing etc. 
> It's purely the mechanics of setting up the Router to pass 
> all HTTP requests through to the server, on (this 
> will stay the same). As someone else rightly pointed out, I 
> have a Speedtouch 510. I've tried to dowload the config file 
> but I don't know where to edit of what to edit it with! I've 
> found a manual on the internet for this, I'll read it first...
> Chris


I provided example changed config lines in the ogiginal reply.  You can edit
the config with a text editor (either vi or notepad or whatever).

The line you need to add in the "nat.ini" section for the mapping is:

create protocol=tcp inside_addr= outside_addr=

Hope this helps... You can also edit this in the GUI under the "NAPT"


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