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Re: hd probleme on fedora

priou wrote:

i have 2 hd on my computeur :
/dev/hda 40go ( linux systeme partition ext3 ) /dev/hdb 80go ( linux partition ext3 )

my /dev/hdb have four principal partition ( 4x20go)

What 4 partitions were they? 1, 2, 3, & 4? None of them were currently mounted when you did this, right?

now i would like 2 partions, but i try : fdisk /dev/hdb

- delette all partition - write info on Hd

Any messages from fdisk? After the w command? After the q command?
What does "fdisk -l /dev/hdb" tell you now? It should show you an empty partition table....

You may need to sync your file systems after the write, though when using a journaled fs like ext3, this *should* be unnecessary, and shutting down the system normally should do this for you anyways.
Besides, if the hdb partitions aren't mounted, there should be nothing to sync....especially after they have been deleted. You just need to ensure that the boot sector write gets flushed to disk.

after i ve rebooted my computer and i run another time : fdisk /dev/hdb - create partition

What does "fdisk -l /dev/hdb" tell you *before* you try and create the 2 new partitions (1 & 2, right)? It should show you the same empty partition table as before you rebooted! If not, something else is happeneing!

but fdisk read my old partition and allocate only 20go, why ?

My guess is you never unmounted your old partitions when you ran fdisk....they were still in use when you rebooted, and the partition table never really got changed....

i try after created my new partition 20go to mount this on my system, but this partition is not empty .... :(

on linux, how to make for broken my mbr of this HD ? or how to make for to have 2 partitions instead of 4 on my HD ?

thank for your answer

priou alexandre

-- Kevin J. Cummings kjchome rcn com cummings kjchome homeip net cummings kjc386 framingham ma us

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