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Re: Client upload of files via http

On Fri, 2004-10-29 at 08:01, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Fr, den 29.10.2004 schrieb Eucke Warren um 0:03:
> > I have a potential customer who is looking to be able to upload and download
> > files via his and his clients browsers.  Is this something that lftp is
> Did you already have a look at WebDAV?

One Problem which is a stumbling block for me personally (which I've yet
to have a solution for) is how to retain permissions.

Since WebDAV is being served by the apache user, files will have to be
readable and writeable by the apache user. One can limit access using
htpasswd (or LDAP) but I see no way to be able to integrate that with

My problem statement.

SAMBA - serving Local Lan - wonderful
Samba - serving WAN - Slow and Painful

I want to switch some folders over to WebDAV but I find the problem with
File/Directory permissions a problem.

Any Idea/Comments on how best to solve the permissions issue?

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