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Re: Squid Performance - Default Options Tweak?

Kh Linux wrote:
Dear all:

I am installing Squid on RedHat 9 out of the Distro CDs on a Dell PowerEdge
1300 Server, Pentium III RAM 256MB. I've been trying it out for 1 week now
with the default options. It seems very slow.

Could someone guide me with some useful tips to tweak the default options of
the /etc/squid/squid.conf file for better performance?

Also, I installed BIND to act as the DNS server; but i configured it to
forward queries to my ISP DNS. Could this be the major traffic block to my
connection to ISP?

Since I started to use Squid and BIND, my ISP notified me that, my 1Mbps
leased-line connection has always been saturated.

Could it be because of Squid or DNS forwarding or a virus?

Look in the logs to see what's happening.


Turn on query logging for bind (rndc querylog) if it isn't already on, then look in


Why are you forwarding DNS queries to your ISP's nameservers rather than having your bind look them up itself? I find that running my own nameserver works much better than forwarding all queries to my ISP.


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