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Re: Video capturing - Pinnacle

Rick Stevens wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:

YigalB wrote:

"I must keep an XP computer for certain applications"............

[<Yigal>] I need to capture analog video........... - I was sure it's obvious. Is there anything I can do now to use

You can also get a PCI TV tuner card (e.g. Hauppage or AverMedia's PCTV--anything based on the Brooktree chipset), load up the bttv driver and have at it with all of the wonderful v4l (video for linux) software out there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rick Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer rstevens vitalstream com - - VitalStream, Inc. http://www.vitalstream.com - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

I want external for two different reasons.

I would go internal if it was HDTV compatible.

This is one reason that I have put off any purchase of video capture.

I have a rule that I will look at any hardware to ensure linux compatibility. I made the mistake with ATI and their poor closed source drivers in December.

I am looking at this HDTV tuner card. It has an S-Video input which would suit my needs.


This place that makes cards for Linux and not Windows.
"One available PCI slot Currently the HD-3000 is NOT supported in Windows 98T, Windows 2000T or Windows XPT however Windows drivers are include for those wishing to experiment with the card in Microsoft Windows."

Robin Laing

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