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Need Help - Postfix, imap, pop, spamassissan, clamav, webmail

I have beaten my head into the ground on this, so I'm asking for some help.

I want to set up an e-mail server that can serve up the mail for multiple
domains.  I was trying to install postfix with mysql, courier-imap,
spamassissin, clamav, and webmail support.  

However I'm not getting anywhere with the online docs for doing this; -
courier-imapd won't fire up and I get some other errors.  I have reloaded
the box several times from scratch - making sure that there is no mail and
database programs were installed.

I have looked and worked through several tutorials for redhat 9 and fedora
core 1.  I have fedora Core 2 with all the updates.

Does anyone have a good tutorial for Fedora Core 2 for this?  Has anyone
done this type of setup for Fedora Core 2?  If so - I do have ssh enabled
and a paypal account (not much in it - though) for some help!


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