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Re: Client upload of files via http

Am Fr, den 29.10.2004 schrieb HaJo Schatz um 17:28:

> > The friendliest (but still very secure) solution I have found is WinSCP.
> > It is a nice and friendly Windows program with its own installer, where
> > they open it up and get two directory windows side-by-side (obviously,
> > one local and one remote). They then merely drag-and-drop from one side
> > to another.

> It's not http-based as the OP requested but I agree, I also favour this
> option by far. However look at http://filezilla.sf.net, seems a bit more
> attractive.

> HaJo Schatz <hajo hajo net>

And what might count more severe than not being http-based: SCP will
make the need for a shell login, which is in most cases something the
administrator does not want. Though, there is scponly


with which you can limit the host access to SCP only. In that case SCP
is most likely the most secure and with usage of the right GUI programs
(available for Windows[tm] platform and for Linux, MAC OS probably too)
a very comfortable solution even for the normal user.


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