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autofs fc2 es3 help

Title: autofs fc2 es3 help

Hello All,

I am having an issue that I cant seem to find in the lists, or in Google.  There is lots of information available, but not quite what I am experiencing.

I have a file server that is running ESv.3 and is using autofs-3.1.7-41 and is setup to use LDAP for automount configurations.  I am building a couple of FC2 test boxes for our upgrade path.  The FC2 boxes are using autofs-4.1.2-2 and are having an issue with part of the automount / nfs settings.  We have several FC1 desktops running autofs-3.1.7-42 and can mount all without problems.

The client mapping and automounts work on the FC1 boxes we are currently using.  We map 3 mounts in the ldap config (the users home directory, one for apps, and one for qatest fileshares) All three file shares work under FC1, but when mounting with the FC2 test box the home directory mounts successfully but the two fileshares fail.

The two fileshares are to be mapped to /aptas as /aptas/apps and /aptas/qatest.  The /aptas directory appears but it is empty.  The repeating error messages from /var/log/messages are below.

Oct 29 13:48:13 dev0lt automount[3289]: >> Unsupported nfs mount option: no_root_squash

Oct 29 13:48:13 dev0lt automount[3289]: mount(nfs): nfs: mount failure labrador:/export/home/.directory on /aptas/.directory

Oct 29 13:48:13 dev0lt automount[3289]: failed to mount /aptas/.directory

The three mounts look like this in LDAP

-rw,no_root_squash,hard,bg,intr labrador:/export/apps

-rw,no_root_squash,hard,bg,intr labrador:/export/qatest

And the one that works is

-rw,no_root_squash,hard,bg,intr labrador:/export/home/&

The error seems to point to NFS with the no_root_squash switch, but yet that switch works in the home directory mount. 

Can someone help me with this one?


Mike Cotton

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