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Re: downgrading to 2.4.27 in FC2?

If so, did you run into any issues with compatability with the existing
distro? (I don't run X, it's strictly a console server).

there are a good number of differences. You will likely run into problems.

Actually, went without a hitch.. no issues really.. iptables was fine, grsecurity went in fine, and all and all.. it was painless. Even using the .config from a 2.6.x kernel onto a 2.4.x kernel went fine.

This is just flaming developers without understanding the motivation.
perhaps http://lwn.net/Articles/95312/ would help you.

Interesting read, although it doesn't help. Switching to that model makes it impossible to contribute to kernel development without actually being a kernel developer (and checking it into kernel cvs). So if you want to write patches for a kernel, you'd have to basically re-write it mostly from scratch/hacks to ever get it to work on each version. This method will do exactly what it has done to the PaX team, discourage them from writing for it.. and forcing them to write for a kernel on its way to obsoletion. Oh well, it's a good solution for some, bad for others.

-- netmask

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