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Re: Apt-rpm and Fedora (maybe in Core 4?)

Federico Tello Gentile wrote:

Hi people. Does anybody here use apt-rpm to install packages? I bet
some do. I wanted to know if there are any plans to make the apt-rpm &
synaptic combo more integrated in the Fedora distribution. I think
synaptic makes a much more powerful and flexible alternative to the
system-config-packages tool. I filed a enhancement
http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=137260 (no idea if
it is in the right place or if it is a good idea to do that).
All I think is needed to make things really better when in comes to
adding and removing packages is to make the Fedora ISO images include
the apt-rpm metadata so the CDs can be used with apt-cdrom.

Browsing bugzilla I see some efforts regarding apt-rpm are in making
the up2date applet capable of updating Fedora from apt repositories.
This is good, but that application is not suitable for anything but
updating packages already installed when there are newer versions.
I know the red hat people likes developing the system-config- tools in
Python and keep them as a "distinctive feature". I think they are
reinventing the wheel, but if that is their choice, go ahead. I think
the best tool for the job is Synaptic + apt-rpm, if only the CD were

Fedora has yum...

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