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Re: How to set up network interface from scratch - newbie

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 08:18:18 -0400
From: Filippos Klironomos <PresarioD gmail com>

>> I just install USB wireless device using ndiswrapper and the interface is
>> wlan0.  I run iwconfig setup (ISSD, key, etc) and wlan0 already recognize
>> router MAC address.  I try to set up using network config but my device
>> not show up in the choices. 

>That is usually the hard part! Could you please post what the result of
>iwconfig wlan0 is. And after you have set up ESSID with something like
>iwconfig wlan0 essid $ESSID could you post that as well? Then just try
>ifconfig wlan0 
>and see what you get. In order to use the wireless device with network
>config I think you have to set up a new device while ndiswrapper is
>running and then it will show up as an option. Frankly though I never
>use the network config interface. I like the hands on 'iwconfig',
>'ifconfig' command line...

Hi I finally can install it.  After I do ndiswrapper -m it will appear in
network config.  How do you set the interface to be a dhcp client using
ifconfig command line?  All that I can see it can only set up a static IP.

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