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Re: pb with xorg install

yohann.desquerre wrote:

hi all,

my aim is to write a french doc to show how to make a minimum install of fedora become useful!

i've got a problem with the install of xorg-x11

i tried yum install xorg-x11 on two differents machines ( one with an nvidia graphic chipset and one with an ati one). in the two way yum install nvidia-kernel-module.... ok on the first system but why on the second.....

whatever the machines i used, i need to reboot before xorg start correctly, before the reboot when i try startx i've got a black screen and no way to get back the hand on a console (expect connecting from another system).

anyone may explain me why the nvidia-module is always installed and why i 'have to reboot before to use xorg correctly (at the first time after the install)
thanks for help

Probably because the nvidia module is not loaded. Try to load it manually befor rebotting X.

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