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Re: TT fonts

On 10/29/2004 08:02:38 PM, vgrrao V wrote:
I am running FC2 with anti aliasing and bytecode
interpreter on. Some of the windows fonts look crappy.
For example, look at 'k' and 'x' in the screenshot
attached. Is there any way to make them look exactly
as they look under windows?

Did you turn on hinting?
If I recall - hinting is only for flat panels, and looks crappy on CRT's - but on flat panels, you want it.

I personally haven't had any issues with ttf fonts displaying.
I've had some ttf fonts that don't print to pdf for some reason, but those were obscure fonts that may not have been to specification.

At any rate - play with the hinting would be my guess.

I have noticed that comic sans ms is different in Linux than Windows - but that's the only issue I've *noticed*. I use the MS core web fonts, plus (purchased) helvetica, shimmer, phollic, palatino linotype, plus a few others.

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