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Re: Dare I ask the question?

On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 06:30, D. D. Brierton wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 05:10, James McKenzie wrote:
> > Is the Torrent incorporated with FC, or is it something that I have to 
> > get at another location?  If the latter applies, how about a source?
> BitTorrent client software for Windows and Mac is available here:
> http://bittorrent.com/download.html
> Client software for FC2 is available from here:
> http://newrpms.sunsite.dk/apt/redhat/en/i386/fc2/RPMS.newrpms/bittorrent-3.4.2-1.rhfc2.nr.noarch.rpm

I've got RPMs for RH9, FC1 and FC2 at

Also available there (for FC2 only) is a useful little program called
GTorrentViewer that will show you information about a torrent, such as
how many people are seeding it (have full copies); torrents without
seeds are best avoided as you can spend a long time downloading 90% of a
distro and then find that nobody has a copy of the remaining 10%.

> On Windows and Mac you'll have to ask elsewhere, as I don't use those
> platforms. On FC download a suitable BitTorrent RPM such as the one
> above and install it. If you're not using FC2 then use google to find a
> BitTorrent RPM for whatever distro you are using. Then when FC3 comes
> out find the link on the download page to the torrent file, which will
> be a file ending with the suffix *.torrent. Download the *.torrent file
> (it's only small) with your browser. In a terminal, cd to the directory
> you downloaded the *.torrent file to and then issue the following
> command:
> btdownloadcurses.py <torrentname>.torrent
> replacing <torrentname> with the actual name of the torrent file.

Alternatively you can have the BitTorrent client get the torrent file
for you:

btdownloadcurses.py --url http://www.example.com/xyz.torrent

I find it useful to limit the upload rate so that there is still some
bandwidth left for mail, web access etc. (I only have a 512/256 kbit DSL

btdownloadcurses.py --responsefile xya.torrent --max_upload_rate 20

The upload rate is specified in kilobytes per second.

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org>

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