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Re: Strange behaviour non-linux partitions: HELP

> It seems that I do something wrong (newbie, IT-specialist, but coming from Billy...). The system seems to think that I try to do something with the floppy-drive???

OK, I am jumping late on the thread but from what I see I think you
have things a bit confused when it comes to mounting.

When you mount something on a mount point that  'mapping'  is unique.
So when you mount another something on the same mount point the
previous relation is still there put is not visible anymore and only
the last mount  will show. This means that if you mount /dev/hda1 on
and then /dev/hda2 on /mnt/ from that point on all the changes you do
on /mnt/ will affect *only* /dev/hda2. As far as the filesystem is
concerned /dev/hda1 is invisible.

Now for the 'mdir' command that is associated with the floppy device.
You want the 'mkdir' command which creates directories.

So the solution offered above to create subdirs in /mnt/windows/ and
mount the partitions in those subdirs is the best one I think. That
way you can have intercommunication among all the partitions with no

Hope it helps.

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