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Re: Default FC2 Swap Space

Am Sa, den 30.10.2004 schrieb Mike Witt um 17:47:

> My newly installed FC2 systems is running a lot slower than
> I expected. I chose the "default" partitioning scheme suggested
> during installation. And fdisk now reports this as:

> Isn't that around 188 Meg of swap space? My system has 128 Meg of memory,
> and in the past I seem to remember allocation about four times as much
> swap space as I had physical memory, with better results.

What do you run on this system? Do you run Fedora in GUI mode? Did you
read the release notes for memory requirements?


128 MB RAM is very few if running X. Certainly that will cause a lot of
swapping with the expected performance impact.

> Am I nuts? Does swap space only need to be the size of physical memory?
> I don't really understand the issues here. Advice?

In past times there was the general "rule" to set swap two times as much
as physical memory. Nowadays does not make that much sense any more in
general. So if for instance you have 1 GB RAM on a desktop system 512 MB
swap should be sufficient. While running a system like Fedora Core 2 in
graphical mode with such few RAM like 128 MB you certainly should use
more swap than 2x RAM. But as said, swapping will cause the system be
dead slow in that case.

> -Mike

See the output of "free" to know which way RAM and swap are used
currently on your system.


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