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Need Help - Postfix, imap, pop, spamassissan, clamav, webmail

I had several responses to installing post fix and I found that the
following links were helpful in getting the postfix up and running with
mysql.  Try these links:

http://www.flakshack.com/anti-spam/		<- for OpenBSD

This one is really good:

With this on the courier Imapd and pop3d didn't fire up.

This one is good too!

I didn't get a change to run through this one but it has promise.

The one main issue is that Fedora stores the MySQL database in different
locations than the standard MySQL.  This affects some of the flag when
compiling the supporting programs (I think it was Courier Imap)

You cannot use the prebuilt rpm for Postfix that comes with Red Hat 9 or
Fedora Core 1 because it does not support mysql. Therefore you must compile
Postfix from source, making sure you use the --with-mysql option

Rick Meyer

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