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Re: X-Window

On Sat, Oct 30, 2004 at 04:00:27PM +0200, Giulio Sorrentino wrote:
> If you need to install third-part driver you simply need to shutdown X.
> For doing this logoff all X sessions, then go in one of the console 
> (ctrl+alt+f1), log yourself as root and type "telinit 3".
> Then install the driver, configure X and restart it with "telinit 5".
> Paul-André Labrèche wrote:
> >How can I start Fedora Core 2 without X-Window?
> >
> >I need that to install my video card.

Since the specific video card was not noted....

There are some low probability things that 
should be noted if you are debugging this stuff....

There have been some cases where an existing driver will
not unload for one reason or another.  In such cases
a reboot INTO initstate 3 has value.  edit inittab or
the grub boot lines.

The fancy boot screens like rhgb can cause an unexpected display
driver to load.  There is a chance that removing rhgb from the grub
boot line can clean up some tangles related to this.

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	and may your buffers never overflow.

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