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Re: VDQ : Can my FC1's gnome-terminal be fixed?

Hi Beartooth,

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 16:35:28 -0400, Beartooth <beartooth adelphia net> wrote:
> Very Dumb Question:
Not at all, this seems very strange.

> But I hit a snag (and have asked about it in several places, to no avail;
> my apologies if this is a repeat here!): the machine that should now go
> forward to FC2 has a gnome-terminal that never gets a prompt.
> I have no idea what I could have done to cause that. I've tried a variety
> of things, including using my new Fedora-Legacy yum.conf to do yum remove
> gnome-terminal and then yum install gnome-terminal. It did both, or seemed
> to. But I still get a terminal with no prompt. I have three different
> profiles defined for it, and normally use it with four or five tabs; but
> none of the profiles gets any prompt.

Hmm.  I don't know what could be causing this, but I can suggest a few
work-arounds.  If you have another terminal program, you can try that.
 Select "Run Application" from the menu and type "xterm" (no quotes)
in the box.  If you have it installed, this should bring up a terminal
(not as nice as gnome's though).  You can also press CTRL + ALT + F1
through F6 (hold down the CTRL and ALT keys and press F1) to bring up
virtual consoles where you can login and have a terminal.  Press CTRL
+ ALT + F7 to get back to x-windows.  Maybe this will at least allow
you to do what you need at a terminal.

> I would prefer to upgrade rather than scrub and do a clean install of FC2;
> but since nothing else gets my prompt back, I doubt that would, either.

I would suggest doing a fresh install.  After a while, there is no
telling what might be left lying around that might cause trouble. 
Hopefully you are using multiple partitions.  Just backup eveything
you want to keep to a non / partition (or move stuff to your other
computer).  I'd suggest backing up stuff in /etc/ for reference and
moving back to the new system.  If you do move stuff, move it
selectively, not the whole directory, and compare what you are going
to replace.

Oh, and I noticed you talking about editors in another post.  I use
nedit, which is a nice, graphical editor that is very easy to use.  If
you want a console editor, vim is probably the most popular there.

Hope this helps,

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