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Is it worth it?

Dear All,


Over the last three days I have created around 10 CD ROMS and one DVD in my attempt to try Linux on one or all of my three computers:


P2 MMX 200Mhz 82 Mb memory

AMD Duron 1000Mhz 256 Mb memory

P4 Laptop 2000Mhz 512 Mb memory


No success at all worth noting.


The PII has most problems, as one might expect.


SUSE and SUSE Live DVD have failed yet I thought SUSE Live DVD would be the answer: booting from the DVD and running without installation. The AMD computer ran the DVD but had a Kernel failure problem as it told me it had run out of memory (it’s got 256Mb installed). The Live DVD will not even kick in on the laptop, 512Mb memory installed; and I didn’t even bother with the P2 as far as the Live DVD is concerned.


Having failed with both P2 and AMD machines, I then got Fedora running on the Laptop up to the point where we needed to discuss a disc partition but then either it or I couldn’t fathom the next step: I wanted it to do the partitioning for me.


I don’t know why I’m having so many problems and would welcome any tips anyone might have. I am attracted to Linux following the successes that many of you are enjoying. I have worked through tutorials and demonstrations of Gnome and am aware of OpenOffice, Gimp and goodness knows what else.


So, in the end I’m left with a 2003 version of Mandrake Linux to dump onto CD from ISO images but is it worth? Can I ever get Linux installed anywhere?


My real ambition is to get Linux working on the P2 since the other two computers are too important to experiment on until I am happy with what I am doing.


TIA if you can.



Duncan Williamson


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