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Printer issues

Before I installed FC2, when I printed from OpenOffice, OpenOffice correctly setup a print job. For example, If I selected Duplex mode = Long Edge, then the document would print double sided. Or if I printed an envelope, the printer would properly print the address on the correct axis for an envelope fed from the manual tray.

Since installing FC2, OpenOffice1 1.1, StarOffice and OpenOffice 1.0 all fail to correctly set printer job properties. It is the same printer with the same drivers. It is like FC2 will not allow the software to control the printer. Only stream data. Because it does everything except pay attention to user land software.

If I open the printer control dialog and set Duplex=Long Edge, duplexing works.

Why doesn't OpenOffice properly set print job properties.

BTW, in FC1 and RH 9.0, all these apps correctly set print job properties.

I've reported this in the OpenOffice bug tracker, and have not been able to find anything with a google search.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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