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Re: How about the support of FC for laptop?

On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 13:11, Scot L. Harris wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 12:16, Park Lee wrote:
> > Would you please tell me How about the support of Fedora Core for
> > notebook PC(aka laptop)? 
Lots, have a look :



and don't forget google [or yahoo] :)

[watch the line wrap on that one]

[watch the line wrap on that one too]

> Probably the most difficult item to get working is wireless.  This is a
> general problem for Linux not just FC. 
I'd add that in general, the newest hardware is the least supported
[hardest to get working].  If you use a little older hardware, things
generally work rather well. YMMV.  [example: older wireless card just
works here.]

> The other issue I had with laptop support is that for pcmcia network
> adapters (wireless or wired) you need to tell it NOT to start at boot
> time.  When pcmcia services are started later on the network interfaces
> will be started anyway.  
This makes sense, when you consider that [by default] network interfaces
get loaded before pcmcia and thus network services would fail if the
[pcmcia] network card is told to load at boot.  

> Depending on your laptop your mileage may vary.  But all in all it
> worked out better than I had originally expected.
I'd agree. RH7 through FC2 has worked on my Toshiba [Satellite2805-s603]
so well I've never dual booted or bothered to upgrade to faster

> And I do not see ever going back to a windows based laptop.
A what? ;)

Craig Thomas <cjtinhp optonline net>

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