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Re: How about the support of FC for laptop?

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Arjan van de Ven wrote:

> > I would avoid Intel graphics. Nvidia works out of the box even with the 
> > opensource driver...
> > and except for brand new releases of FC, their binary driver work well.
> > 
> > Intel graphics are painful. They are integrated with the BIOSes, and 
> > needed special hacks just to
> > get some video memory earlier... and stick suck badly wrt. to getting 
> > proper display modes too
> > 
> > I thought Intel was great, and Nvidia bad. Experience has taught me 
> > otherwise.
> I guess it all comes down to bios; I've seen a lot of cases where nvidia
> didn't work; even with the binary driver (nvidia focusses on the desktop
> chips not so much on the laptop ones). 
> So.. whatever you buy google first to see if others could make the
> laptop work.....

I have not had any problems with the nVIDIA laptop chipset.

What I have had problem with is the weird sizes of laptop displays.

The current laptop I have uses a 1900x1200 display.  It is a widescreen 
aspect ratio.  Some of the less endowed screens have weirder aspect 
ratios. (One of the reasons I got the higher screen density was because it 
is the same as a common Apple monitor.)

If you do a bit of searching, you can find all sorts of X configs for 
laptop displays.  (That is how I got this one working.)

Now if I could just get my Atheros PCMCIA wireless card working on the 
AMD64 kernel...

Q: Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because OCT 31 == DEC 25.

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