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Re: Help with Printing

kevin kempter dataintellect com wrote:

I've just setup a printer where I'm doing some contracting. The printer is a DELL Laser printer P1500.

It's an ip network printer. I went to System ettings --->Printing
and setup a new printer as a 'Networked JetDirect' queue type. I provided the i.p. address as the printer and left the default port of 9100.

Next I selected Dell as the manufacturer and i only see two options:
M5200 and S2500

I've tried both with the same behavior:

If I print from openoffice writer it works perfecty. If I print from Kate, or Kmail the left margin (including some of th text on the left side of the page) is cut off (i.e. the print image is shifted too far to the left on the page).

Any thoughts??

Do you see the same type of printing behavior from your applications when print output is directed to other printers? It is possible that the print commands for Kate and Kmail might differ from the print command used by openoffice writer.

Have you checked out the printer driver database at linuxprinting.org? They may have a driver for your specific printer or point you to a driver for a different device that works with your printer.

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