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Re: Ghost 2003 and FC 3

On 31 Mar 2005 at 21:44, RL wrote:

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> I just got a DVD writer for my FC 3 machine so I could ghost the
> entire drive.  I have Norton Ghost 2003.  I remember having no
> problems ghosting other Linux distros.  When I try to ghost this time,
> however, it errors at the start with a read sector failure.  Is this a
> known issue? Ghost 2003 should work with ext3 filesystems just fine. 
> Are there any other good ghosting progs?  I have used "g4u" with
> FreeBSD and it is real nice; however, I'd rather have something to
> backup an entire hard-drive right on to a DVD.
> -- 

This is a know problem with Norton Ghost. It gets an error with the 
FC3 partitions. It does work if you have it do the sector mode image, 
but then it is copying all sectors of the disk, and is much slower and 
creates a larger file. 

Both G4U and G4L have no problem with the imaging of the 
systems, but neither currently allows for DVD imaging. 

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