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Re: Up2date problem

This happens with me sometimes - not all update servers (the program 
contacts several) have every update.  Best thing to do is re-run up2date 
a couple times in succession; sometimes the program needs a little 
prodding of this kind to get it to update properly.

Your solution of rebooting the machine also works, of course.

Jared B.

Scott Carper wrote on 3/31/2005, 7:00 PM:

 > After I successfully run up2date, the next time I check for updates,
 > it says
 > there are  updates available (and these are not the same as the previous
 > update); but when I launch up2date, it says "Your system is fully
 > updated.
 > No new packages are needed."  I have to reboot the system before the
 > available updates will be downloaded and installed by up2date.
 > Any ideas?  Any help would be appreciated.
 > Thanks.
 > Scott
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