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Re: inn 'howto'?

> I am trying to set up in to provide the regex filtering that is absent
> from linux news clients. Has anyone seen "The Nitwit's Guide" or
> something comparable that can help me ABC what should be a simple setup?
> Innd won't start without first running makehistory which won't run
> without numerous errors.
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Rule #1:
  Do not run makehistory as root.  Many files created this way will have
the wrong permissions and owner.

Rule #2:
  If all else fails, 'rpm -e inn-devel' and 'rpm -e inn', then 'up2date -u
inn inn-devel' to re-install.

Rule #3:
  Most of the simple stuff is already setup in the default configuration. 
The bigest task is finding a sever to stream off of, if that is what you
want, or finding one you can connect to as a client and get many

Rule #4:
  Newsgroups are not small.  I run a sever for our local net with some
simple feeds and it takes 20 - 30 G of space.  I have the server keeping
for up to 6 months.
  Don't try this at home.

Rule #5:
  The default setup is good for creating your own newsgroups.  Unpublished
from the rest of the world.  I'd suggest trying this setup before
attempting a live feed just to get the feel of what is needed.

Interesting Notes:
(a)  The innd binary files to configure and other things are in
/usr/lib/news/bin ...
(b)  News goes into /var/spool/news
(c)  Config files are in /etc/news and /var/lib/news

(d)  RUN 'makehistory' as 'su news'
(e)  RUN 'news.daily' as 'su news'

(f)  Be careful, innd is very sensitive to misconfigurations.  Read the
comments in the config files, google anything you don't know or
understand, etc...

Good Luck, and let me know if I can be of more service.

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