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development package report and build request

After a few days of struggling with wine-20050310-1fc3winehq, I can
finally report success! I've added to fedora extras development cvs the
following packages and I request a build for them:

- iis 8.2 (Microsoft Internet Information Server) 
I hope it will be included in Fedora Core 5 and by Fedora Core 7 it will
be the default instead of buggy Apache
I'm still working on support of ASP.NET (using mono)

- iexplorer 6.1
Internet Explorer is the most critical missing piece from a decent
desktop! This prevents reports I get from my users like 'Linux is slow
and no multi-tasking, it can only open one window when surfing the net.
Explorer opens so many so fast!'

- msibuild 3.0
This was working since wine-20050105, when MSI support was added, but I
was waiting for the other packages to really test it. This supports
building software packages with Microsoft Software Installer instead of
current rpm. So, rather than current feature-less situation when you
double click a .rpm file and it installs, and you can know each file on
what package belongs and it can uninstall cleanly, one can have now
enterprise-level software installs: double click an .exe file, it
uncompresses, it runs install, user can press Next several times (gives
a feeling of interactivity), he can choose to install in /usr,
in /usr/local or /prgfiles and so on. On uninstall it automatically
detects what files might be used by other programs, so they can be left
on the system.

That's it for now, next I'll work on anti-virus and anti-spyware (FREE
for personal use!)

I'm CCing this to fedora-list too, I think this is important news for

Marius Andreiana
Epon -- future-proof business applications

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