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Re: screen flashing to black every several seconds

Kam Leo wrote:

On Mar 31, 2005 10:02 PM, David Curry <dsccable comcast net> wrote:

Claude Jones wrote:

For no explainable reason, my graphic interface has gone crazy. It
flashes to black for a moment everal several seconds. Nothing else
seems to be affected. If I'm typing, words keep getting put in the
doc. Downloads continue, etc... I loaded some of the latest
patches/updates last night. Apart from that this machine was idle all
day. It's up on the net with Firestarter providing pretty strict
rules. I just tried downloading/installing the latest ATI Radeon 9200
video driver from ATI. I searched the list for similar behavior, but
couldn't find anything. What could have changed in my absence??? Have
I been hacked by someone?

Claude, have you tried switching to a console window to see if the
periodic flash to black occurs there as well?  Try ALT-F2 to see if the
blackout continues and then ALT-F& to switch back to your X window.

Have you recently applied X.org updates to your system?

Is this happening when you are typing in a terminal window? If so, it is the bell setting for your terminal session. Just click on Settings -> Bell and select another value.

This is happenning whenever, even when nothing is open except the desktop.

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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