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Re: Disabled local keydoard and mouse

Magnus Malmsten wrote:
somehow I have disabled the local keyboard and mouse. The keyboard works fine at Grub but in gui mode keyboard and mouse are disabled. Is there a easy way to enable them again?
I can connect to the server primary with ssh.

Thank you for your responses.


There could be several causes why your keyboard and mouse no longer work. Do you have the normal PS2 keyboard and mouse? Are they plugged into the right PS2 ports? Do you have a USB keyboard and mouse? A wireless mouse? Did you change any setting in BIOS? Is USB legacy support enable in BIOS?

For me, I believe I had to activate acpi and to disble USB legacy support. What your problem might be could also be specific to what choices you use for language and what type of keyboard you are using.

At least you can get the information via ssh. Have you tried to login using runlevel 3?


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