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Re: nforce3

Am Fr, den 01.04.2005 schrieb Endy um 3:38:

> I've got an nforce3 250 on a gigabyte ga-k8ns motherboard with an amd64 
> 3000+.  Been having crashing issues for awhile and there is still no 
> apparent reason for it.  I was wondering if maybe the chipset just 
> doesn't have very good support yet, so does anyone know about nforce3 
> support?
> -Endy

Since 3 days I am running a fresh new board with NVidia's Nforce4
chipset, the follower of the Nfore3 - so far the board runs perfectly
stable 24/7 with an AMD64 3500+.


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | GPG http://pgp.mit.edu 0xB366A773
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