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New posting rules for Fedora List, From Linus.

I've heard about the recent problems on this list and I've decided to
use my status as the founder of Linux to step in and settle matter of
how to post to the list and put the matter to rest.

Rule #1   Posting content format
All posts to the list from this point forward must be set to have a
fixed display width of 4,317 inches (or the metric equivalent, 6

The background color must be set to black and the font color must be
set to 0XFFFFFF.

After composing your message to the above standards, preferable using
either version three of Microsoft Word, (WINE, VMware may help here)
or any version of Star-Writer, take a screen shot of your message and
convert the resulting graphic to gif format and then to "bmp" format.

Rule #2   Character set selection for all postings:
All email shall be posted in  utf-8 for Sanskrit (utfskt)
"Typesetting Sanskrit Texts with OmegaTeX"

Rule #3    Quoting rules

All quoted text must be formatted in the Classic Sideways Diagonal All
Caps format. Aka "CSDACF".

If you cannot persuade your system to produce CSDACF then you must use
the "Colonial Reversed Aromatics Pulsed Standard" -  aka "CRAPS".

The CRAPS standard requires that all inform nation be completely
reversed both in format and synchronicity.

For example the above sentence would be presented as :

.yticinorhcnys dna tamrof ni htob desrever yletelpmoc eb noitan mrofni
lla taht seriuqer dradnats SPARC ehT

To conform to the synchonicity requirement use the table below to
determine how to respond to all postings to the list from here after:

    Topics posted on:   |     may be responded to on:
            3/31/05                    4/1/05
            3/30/05                    4/2/05
            3/29/05                    4/3/05
                .                                .
                .                                .
              etc                            etc

Please enjoy the convenience and ease of these new posting rules.  

Please send your complaints and suggestions to root Bell labs com 


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