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Re: Samba problems

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Fr, den 01.04.2005 schrieb CIKALA Frédéric ROSI/SIPROD um 15:15:

I'having big troubles to use samba, in order to mount a directory which is shared under a windows
2000 box.
I tried to access it with the command smbclient, and it works. I can list the directory etc ..
Unfortunaltely, when i want to mount it, both with mount or smbmount, it does'nt work (whereas i use
the same option that i used with smbclient).
i'm working on a fedora core3, and i really wondered why it doesn't work ...

It would be useful if you post the commands you run and for the failed
one the error message you get.


I'm using FC1 and have had no problems mounting my samba file systems

\\\music   /mnt/smb/music  smbfs   _netdev,auto,user,ro,username=,password=        0 0

mount /mnt/smb/music will mount the partition with no questions asked.

Umounting is a lil bit of a problem though, I get the following error
    umount: /mnt/smb/music mount disagrees with the fstab

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