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firefox not offering the right plugins

When I looks at Edit--Preferences--Downloads, I see a list of plugins
that looks like this:

PDF     PDF File                    acroread
            Windows WMV File        gmplayer
DOC     DOC File                   openoffice.org-1.9

That is what I want, and it reflects what I have set by checking the
"always use this from now on" checkbox, when offered the option.

But when I click on a link for a wmv, firefox offers totem as the
default; when I click on a PDF, it offers kpdf as the default; and
when I click on a DOC it offers oowriter (v 1.1.3) as the default. I
have to go search for the app I really want every time.

So it looks like Firefox is writing to one settings file, but reading
from another. This is Firefox 1.02, installed and updated regularly
via yum. I only noticed the problem pretty recently, maybe in the last
month or two. Maybe it's related to a recent firefox update?

Any suggestions? I tried grepping through ~/.mozilla/firefox for any
files containing "totem," just to see if I could change the list of
helper apps manually, but I couldn't find anything that included totem
in the first place.


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