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Re: New posting rules for Fedora List, From Linus.

Henry Hartley wrote:
On Fri, 01 Apr, 2005 at 9:25 AM someone posing as Linux Torvaldz said:

Rule #1   Posting content format
All posts to the list from this point forward must be set to have
a fixed display width of 4,317 inches (or the metric equivalent,
6 millimeters).

Although the rest of this seems reasonable (for an arbitrarily large 
value of reasonable), I think someone needs to review his imperial 
to metric conversions.  4,317 inches (or 4.317 as we would say here
in the good ol' USA) is closer to 10.97 cm.

Hey, wait a minute, if Linus really wrote that, he would have spelled
millimeters as millimetres.  Is this a joke?  ;)
The source email address "aprilthefirst gmail com" is what suggested that to me...

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