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Re: updates & time

Paul Howarth wrote:
> The current size of the i386 updates directory for FC3 is around 1.7GB, 
> though that includes multiple versions of some packages, so you wouldn't 
> need the older updates. Let's say it comes to around 1GB after removing 
> duplicates. That would take nearly 50 hours to download at 45kbps.

Raghavendra Moktali wrote:
> how does a user on dial up manage this? looks line this thing is forcing 
> me to get a dsl connection

With difficulty.

With a subscription to fedora-announce-list, looking at the [SECURITY]
tag, knowing what you're running, and working out which updates you do
need. (If you use XEmacs and note that there is a movemail format
vulnerability, you might note that you're only vulnerable if you use
XEmacs to connect to a malicious POP server. If you don't use that, or
you can be sure your POP server and the connection to it is safe, why
bother upgrading?)

With a good firewall.

With something like
or a friend with a fast Internet connection.

I was there for a long time. And I'm glad I'm still not there, but it is

I suppose there might be a market for a repository only containing
security updates, too.

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