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Re: Up2date problem

Am Fr, den 01.04.2005 schrieb Kam Leo um 18:36:

> > 4. Configure up2date to use a fast mirror for you rather than relying on
> > the default mirror list.  If up2date and rhn-applet are looking at the
> > same mirror you won't have any problem.
> > 
> Tried both the mirrorlist and fast local mirrors (e.g.
> ftp://mirrors.kernel.org, ftp://mirror.stanford.edu, and
> ftp://limestone.uoregon.edu among others) and continue to encounter
> this problem.
> What mirror are you using to get such good results?

I can't recommend you a good US American mirror, but using out German
mirror at TU Chemnitz I face no real problem with up2date. Since the
first day with FC1 I am using no other tool than up2date here on my
desktop PC. It may be not the fastest horse, but up2date works for me
without the often reported major issues. And I am just patient when
updates are announced to let the mirror sync with the master 'borg
William already gave a good hint while I am typing.


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