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Re: DNS - subdomain delegate

I must to insert the configuration below with my current configuration ?


@      IN   NS   dns1.bar.com.
foo    IN   NS   dns1.foo.bar.com.

dns1                           IN   A
dns1.foo.bar.com.       IN   A

Thank you.


Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

Hugo Rebello wrote:


I am using DNS server in Fedora Core 3, and I have just one internal domain (i.e. test.com.br).
I need to create a sub-domain, however in other site and other server will control this sub-domain.
My question is. How can I delegate dns sub-domain ?

Simple. Create NS record for subdomain. For example, if your domain is bar.com, and you want to delegate foo.bar.com:

foo               IN NS dns1.foo.bar.com.
                  IN NS dns2.foo.bar.com.
dns1.foo.bar.com. IN A
dns2.foo.bar.com. IN A

Make sure you don't ommit any of those dots ;-)

Basically, this tells your local BIND that dns1.foo.bar.com and dns2.foo.bar.com are name servers for foo.bar.com domain. You must include A records for those two servers on parent server (as shown above) so that resolvers have enough information to contact them. The above example is if you want to have two servers for foo.bar.com. You can have only one if you want. Or three. Or any number of them. Make sure you list all of them on parent server (no much point in having multiple servers if nobody outside domain knows about them).

There are many online resources describing this. You might also consider getting copy of "DNS and BIND" (4th edition also covers BIND 9, so you probably want to make sure you get that one, not the older editions) written by Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu, publisher is O'Reilly.

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