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Re: firefox not offering the right plugins

Matt Morgan wrote:
On Apr 1, 2005 11:32 AM, jim lawrence <fedorajim gmail com> wrote:

On Apr 1, 2005 10:42 AM, Matt Morgan <minxmertzmomo gmail com> wrote:

When I looks at Edit--Preferences--Downloads, I see a list of plugins
that looks like this:

PDF     PDF File                    acroread
           Windows WMV File        gmplayer
DOC     DOC File                   openoffice.org-1.9

That is what I want, and it reflects what I have set by checking the
"always use this from now on" checkbox, when offered the option.

But when I click on a link for a wmv, firefox offers totem as the
default; when I click on a PDF, it offers kpdf as the default; and
when I click on a DOC it offers oowriter (v 1.1.3) as the default. I
have to go search for the app I really want every time.

So it looks like Firefox is writing to one settings file, but reading
from another. This is Firefox 1.02, installed and updated regularly
via yum. I only noticed the problem pretty recently, maybe in the last
month or two. Maybe it's related to a recent firefox update?

Any suggestions? I tried grepping through ~/.mozilla/firefox for any
files containing "totem," just to see if I could change the list of
helper apps manually, but I couldn't find anything that included totem
in the first place.


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For giggles in your browser type in the address about:plugins See if you have mplayer if not yum install mplayerplug-in

if you don't usse totum just remove it

Thanks. Mplayer is installed and working. I realize I was pretty
unclear about this, now, but literal "plugins" work. That is, when
something is embedded in the html page, mplayerplug-in plays it fine.
It's when it's a direct link just to the file (whether .pdf, .wmv.
.avi, .doc, or whatever) that Firefox doesn't handle it the way it
says it will. What we used to call "helper apps" don't get offered up
according to what Firefox says it will do. It says it will default to
openoffice.org-1.9, but then it defaults to oowriter (1.1.3) instead.

Does this sound like what you are seeing?


If visiting the "about:plugins" page makes direct links to .wmv (etc.)
files work for you, please add a comment to the above bug report.

Bob Nichols         rnichols42 comcast net

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