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multiple networks in Fedora Core 3 on a laptop

Hello there!
                  I installed FC3 on a friend's laptop and realized
that FC3  adapts itself  to one single network.

That means if we configure eth0 in his working place, then he gets
internet only in the working place and when he brings back his laptop
home to connect to his home network, FC3 freaks out at the point where
it displays "bringing eth0 ....". Same thing with the wireless eth1
connection. And in the end we don't get any internet.

Although I did specify to use a dhcp server!!!

I have never seen this problem before as I always fixed my pc in one
place and used a single network.

I'm sure there should be a way to tell FC to connect everywhere. How
do we do this? Thanks for te help.


Didier F.B Casse | PhD candidate | LiMiNT Beamline
Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS), 5 Research Link, Singapore 117603
Email: elprodigioREMOVE_THIS_ANTISPAM_MOJO gmail com|
Web: http://ssls.nus.edu.sg

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