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Re: Someone tell this dude...

On Apr 2, 2005 9:18 AM, jim lawrence <fedorajim gmail com> wrote:
> Could someone possibly tell this dude heis over paranoid
>  peter whalley uol com br    <---- Why am I getting a confirmation to
> allow him to receive a message from the list ?  Get a life!!!   & get
> a online account for the list [edit] i give him a gmail account
> Now with 2050MB of space :)

Hi Jim,

Yeah, I already emailed him and asked him to change the behavior or
use a different email for the list.  I also offerred him a Gmail
account (whoohoo, go Gmail, +2 GB of space and still going up!).  I,
like Kevin, did wonder if it was a ploy to get email addresses, but I
figured I already get some spam here, so why worry about it.  It looks
pretty legit anyway.  Still, I find such a thing completely
inappropriate for an email list.  I sent an email to the list, not
him.  Anyway, no response from him yet.


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