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Re: Help with FC1 networking

Yes, I have a default gateway. I tried DHCP but it didn't work, so I
set the IP to something appropriate ( I have already
added the route entry.

I just booted my Damn Small Linux CD and it gets the DHCP correctly on
the same computer... aargh. I've never had trouble with Fedora on this
box before...

On Apr 2, 2005 2:32 PM, Trevor TeC Christian <trevor bouyon dalive com> wrote:
>  hackmiester wrote:
> It's got a link on the network card, but I can't ping anything, browse the
> web, see SMB shares, or anything. I set up the IPs in the same subnet and
> all. I don't know what info to share, so if that's not enough, please
> complain.
>  -- 
>  -hackmiester 
>  Did you receive the IP from a DHCP server or manually set it?
>  If you manually set it you may have to also manually put in a route and
> default getway.
>  /sbin/route add <parameters>
>  running /sbin/route add will list ouput the help screen with the other
> parameters you have to enter.
>  Hope this helps...
>  Lemme know...
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