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Re: Need a hand getting php started.

Am So, den 03.04.2005 schrieb Steven W. Orr um 5:12:

> I'm trying to get php working.

> <IfDefine HAVE_PHP>
> LoadModule php_module         modules/mod_php.so
> </IfDefine>
> <IfDefine HAVE_PHP3>
> LoadModule php3_module        modules/libphp3.so
> </IfDefine>
> <IfDefine HAVE_PHP4>
> LoadModule php4_module        modules/libphp4.so
> </IfDefine>

Wow, that is way old style. I remember that from Red Hat Linux 7.x. that
won't work this way any more on Fedora. Configurations and init script
for Apache changed a lot. I even doubt you have PHP version 3 on your
Fedora or an even older PHP version.
Do as others already told you: move this broken stuff and use httpd and
php as it comes with Fedora Core. It runs from moment of install. Then
do those adjustments you like. Be aware of configuration file inclusions
from /etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf files.


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