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Re: Can't reboot, shutdown, or init 3

That would be fantastic Arthur!  At least something
good would come out of the whole sordid incident.  Not
much of a consolation I know, but something at least

You've certainly made me much more aware (read
paranoid), I'm changing all my passwords and closing
every service/port that I don't need, maybe even a
rethink about my internal network too.

I was getting to the point of using slack passwords
and easy logons, but all it takes is one loose link
and the sharks will bite!

Regards.......KEv :)

--- Arthur Pemberton <dalive flashmail com> wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
> >Sorry to be a pain Arthur, but I was wondering if
> you
> >were running iptables, firestarter etc', what your
> >rules were (generally), and what servers you ran,
> ie
> >smb/mysql/httpd/php/telnet et al.  
> >
> >I lost 160gigs of data a few weeks ago and have
> just
> >finished recovering it, that's why I'm starting to
> >worry again :(
> >
> >Regards.......Kev.

> >
> How about i do a writeup on the whole incident, and
> post a link to a 
> page on my site, once i get it back up, it too was a
> victim.
> So if there's any other info you'd  like me to
> prodive i'll do so willingly.
> Peace
> -- 
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