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Re: After sound card detect test - sound works - why

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LostSon wrote:
| On Sunday 03 April 2005 13:21, Richard Emberson wrote:
|>So I start X.
|>I start xmms - its playing but there is no sound.
|>I then run the sound card detector (System Setting -> Soundcard
|>I click on "Play test sound" and volia, there is sound ... both the test
|>sound and what I am playing on xmms.

| Just out of curiosity have you turned you volume up in the mixer ??

If that's the problem (sounds like it is), get the sound levels perfect
and run

alsactl store

as root.  Then on subsequent boots you should have volume level
perfection back every time.  If this doesn't happen, alsactl restore
will do it, and you can stick it in /etc/rc.local to force it to be
reset to perfection every boot.

- -Andy

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